Breezy Acres Country Shoppe Tour
Welcome to Breezy Acres Country Shoppe. We've put together this little tour site so you can become acquainted with us and everything we have to offer. As you will see we carry a wide variety of items such as antiques,collectibles and glassware, in addition to the Amish made items that we offer in our catalog.
If you'd like to visit our catalog site just type in your browser or click here link and you should go right to it. If you have any questions or think we might have something that you're looking for please e-mail us at
I'll try to give a brief explanation of each of the upcoming photos. Please sit back, relax and enjoy your tour. Thanks for stopping in!
Welcome to Breezy Acres Country Shoppe!
This is our Amish corner. The photo only shows a small sampling of all the Amish made oak items that you'll find in our online catalog. We're located close to Pennsylvania Amish country and we deal directly with the craftsman that make the items we offer for sale.
Amish made oak shelves. Available at
Amish made oak Sofa table available at
We carry a nice array of china, glassware and pottery.
Cupboards include this nice blue porcelain topped one and a Hoosier with the flour sifter still there.
Antique Pine China Cupboard.
Beautifully made and still has the wavy glass in it.
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